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SDLG frontend loaders show value for rental market
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SDLG frontend loaders show value for rental market

Easy maintenance and reduced investment of SDLG frontend loaders generate more ROI for rental houses.

Motion Machinery is a Texas-based equipment rental company in a very competitive market. With a fleet of more than 80 machines, the company has a wide array of equipment, including machines from several premium brands. But two factors were cutting into the Tomball company’s bottom line: initial acquisition costs and time-consuming maintenance.

In a move toward a more profitable frontend loader lineup, Motion Machinery purchased an SDLG LG938L loader on the recommendation of Conrad Construction, another Texas-based company using SDLG frontend loaders. The initial price of the frontend loader was significantly lower than premium loaders, and the company since found that the loader’s easy-access design will reduce the amount time and money spent on keeping it running.

“I have a friend from Conrad Construction who had recently purchased an SDLG wheel loader, and he loved it,” explained Don Cannon, owner of Motion Machinery. “I previously worked as a dealer, so I know that acquisition and maintenance costs are the key to making money in the rental market. The LG938L’s price was right where we needed it to be and the easy maintenance will save us money over the long haul.”

Cannon said premium brand frontend loaders are becoming increasingly complex, making it more difficult for small shop owners to repair and maintain their loaders. They have to spend more time figuring out how to work on the machines, which costs money, and the actual maintenance and repairs inherently take longer. In the rental market, downtime means a hit on the bottom line. The quicker a machine is up and running, the quicker it can make money for its owner.

All SDLG frontend loaders feature easy-access engine compartments on all sides of the loader. Most of the machine’s vital parts are accessible within seconds, reducing the amount of labor hours needed for maintenance or repairs. The LG938L loader also has dry disc brakes that are easy to access for changing brake pads. Cleaning and routine tasks are simpler and take less time than when working on premium loaders.

Cannon said that his SDLG frontend loader has been performing so well that Motion Machinery rarely sees the loader in the shop. The machine has reached some 80% usability in its 10 months on the fleet.

SDLG loaders show value for rental market

“We rarely get to see the machine at our yard,” he explained. “Even better, the renters return the machine feeling very satisfied – we have had no issues or complaints. The SDLG wheel loader performs just as well as any of the other premium brand equipment I have owned.”

The LG938L frontend loader has provided other benefits to Motion Machinery’s fleet, too. Its no-frills configuration is easier for rental customers to learn and operate. The added features of premium loaders often mean more time spent figuring out how to use them. Also, the company doesn’t have to pass on the price of those extra features to customers.

“We didn’t have to pay for any of the extra features that our rental customers don’t need,” Cannon said. “And we don’t have to charge our customers for features they won’t use. We were able to get all of the attachments we needed to ensure the LG938L would be flexible and able to work on different applications, too.”

The LG938L is a 2.5 yd³ frontend loader with an operating weight of 23,150 lbs. It features a Tier 4 Deutz engine with 160 hp and 530 lb.ft of torque; ZF transmission; dry disc brakes; a hydraulic quick coupler and 3rd function hydraulics; a modern fit and finish with high visibility; and an operator friendly cab. It also comes with a 12-month, 1,500-hour warranty.

Another big plus for Motion Machinery is SDLG’s support and service network. The company purchased the frontend loader from Dallas-based ROMCO Equipment, a dealer it had worked with for years and trusted. ROMCO assisted in picking out a loader that would be ideal for the local rental market, and outfitted the loader with the requisite bucket and fork attachments.

SDLG makes it a point to partner with seasoned, expert dealerships that can facilitate the brand’s 21st Century Product Support. The brand now features locations across North America, all with dealers that have significant time spent working in their local markets.

“Between the price, the great features and the dealer support, the SDLG wheel loader has been a great piece of equipment to own for the rental market,” Cannon said. “I have been very satisfied and I have recommended the SDLG brand to other equipment owners. I am even considering adding more SDLG wheel loaders to my fleet when the need arises.”

Motion Machinery, located in Tomball, Texas, has been serving the local construction industry for more than 18 years, and owner Don Cannon has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. The company owns more than 80 pieces of equipment, and prides itself on quality customer service. Motion Machinery is a full service shop providing equipment rental, repair and sales.

ROMCO Equipment, based in Dallas, Texas, was founded in 1961 and provides equipment for the construction, mining, paving and aggregate industries. The family-owned business has 10 branches across Texas.



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