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SDLG Wheel Loaders

SDLG wheel loaders offer the perfect balance between reliability and affordability for your construction, landscaping, municipality, material handling or agricultural needs. They’re ideal for those who need a durable and flexible front end loader backed by a great warranty but don’t require the features of premium loaders. SDLG is a great fit for nearly any company that needs a frontend loader for its basic functions — whether you need a low-hour loader to clear snow in the winter, or reliable equipment for large production jobs, SDLG front end loaders are the affordable option to keep you productive.

From moving sand and gravel to salt and snow, the L918F compact wheel loader is suited for all seasons — it’s the economical compact loader option perfect for any small landscaping, bulk and material handling, or snow removal jobs. Its skid-steer-style coupler makes it a versatile loader fit for multiple attachments. And whether you need to operate at faster speeds to clear snow, or at a slower pace for jobs that aren’t time-sensitive, the L918F loader provides the perfect balance with ground speeds up to 15 mph (24 kph). Its low-maintenance engine and basic features make it a simple, compact loader at an affordable price.

Price: $54,500 USD

The SDLG L938F mid-size front end loader is the perfect size for any small-to-medium contractor ­— it’s a true utility price-point loader. Its small footprint makes it a maneuverable loader, and its 2.5 yd3 (1.9 m3) bucket with a 3.3-ton (3.0 metric tons) rated capacity is ideal for landscaping, residential building site prep, snow removal jobs and utility work like moving pipe, guardrails, gravel or backfilling holes.

Price: $104,500 USD

The SDLG L948F is a 3.0 yd3 (2.3 m3) mid-size wheel loader with a 4.4-ton (4.0 metric tons) rated capacity, making it the ideal front end loader for municipality snow removal, industrial material handling, commercial site prep, warehousing, auto handling and recycling, waste or paper recycling and more. Even with impressive lift heights, its stability — paired with a hydraulic quick coupler and full-powered, third-function hydraulics — make it a versatile loader and the right low-cost option for nearly any job.

Price: $119,500 USD

The LG958L and LG959 large wheel loaders are 4.0 yd3 (3.0 m3) loaders with 5.5-ton (5.0 metric tons) rated capacities, making them the perfect front end loaders for waste and recycling, large snow removal, fertilizer handling and more. The lower cost, LG958L loader features dry brakes with open differentials making it ideal for lighter production work in well-maintained yards, on concrete slabs or in loading yards. But if you need extra traction, the LG959 loader’s wet disc brakes with limited slip differentials is perfect for those traction-demanding jobs. Designed to handle corrosive environments, both frontend loaders are tough enough to handle massive amounts of snow, salt, sand or gravel — and simple features make these loaders easy to operate at the perfect price point.

LG958L Price:
$137,500 USD

LG959 Price:
$147,500 USD

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